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Business Innovation

Understanding The Anatomy Of Work

Whether your team is innovating or grinding, taking on projects or tackling business as usual, everything you do is built by jobs that need to be...

organisational structure

The 4 Key Processes of Knowledge Management

The main processes of knowledge management are knowledge acquisition, storage, sharing, and application. Let's take a closer look at what these mean.

Business Innovation

Using Tools & Techniques To Enhance Innovation

It's important to understand the principles underpinning the innovation tools and techniques that we've all become used to using or hearing about.


4 Basic Elements of Innovation

Understand its basic elements and master innovation: Collaboration, Ideation, Implementation, and Value Creation.

Remote collaboration

Using Tools to Enhance Collaboration

Collaboration tools do more than render a mechanical effect. At their best, they should enable and encourage creative and collaborative behaviour.

organisational structure

6 Benefits of Effective Knowledge Management

It’s easy to say that knowledge management matters but it helps to know the ins and outs of why and how an organisation benefits from knowledge...


10 Types of Innovation in Business

Understand the ten types of innovation as expressed on the popular Innovation Wheel. These innovation types often overlap and require a holistic...

collaboration software

Collaboration in the age of remote working

The distances between team members and the challenges of balancing synchronous and asynchronous work make virtual collaboration challenging to...

Remote collaboration

Collaboration: Synchronous vs Asynchronous

The details of synchronous vs asynchronous collaboration are important to understand, as well as how each benefits your organisation.

Remote Working

6 Challenges of Managing a Remote Workforce

Considering the benefits offered by a remote workforce, the challenges are more than worth tackling head-on. Find out what they are and how to beat...

Digital Transformation

5 Types of Business Transformation

business transformation can be a daunting prospect for all stakeholders and should be considered and planned out according to the objectives must...

Business Transformation

12 Characteristics Of Transformation Leaders

The demands of organisational transformation call for transformational leaders. So, what does it take to be a transformational leader? We list 12...

About Papillio

Papillio: Forging Effective Connections

Papillio can be set up to mirror your organization’s structure enabling effective teamwork, information exchange, and decision-making for top...


Papillio: Structuring Innovation

Papillio’s canvases encourage design thinking, provide structure, and maximize collaboration efficiency in the innovation process.

Remote Working

Papillio’s Task Hub: Making work more agile

The Papillio Task Hub is the Innovation Toolkit's dynamic central terminal offering a high-level or drilled-down view of work, depending on your...

Remote Working

Remote Working – Was It Always Inevitable?

The impacts of Covid-19 were as disruptive as they were inevitable, and businesses need to learn the lessons and prepare now for the next big...

Digital Transformation

The Importance of Digital Transformation Today

Digital technology at its core helps every part of an organisation to strengthen operations and drive the very culture of innovation needed today.

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